Providing Better Support with HelpScout

In an effort to improve our ability to provide great support to our customers, Avelient has decided to move away from Zendesk to a support system called HelpScout.

We've been with Zendesk since they were just a start-up. While they do provide a great service, we have found that, with their focus on enterprise customers, the application no longer fits with our support model -- among other technical reasons. We wish them well and recommend that if you need a medium- to enterprise-sized support system to give them a shot.

Our support team was drawn to HelpScout because it integrates better with our natural way of communicating with customers. Instead of forcing the support staff to communicate in a specific way, HelpScout fits into our way of working.

Some of the benefits of HelpScout include:

  • We know who you are - There is smart integration with Highrise, so that when a customer sends in a support request we have their latest contact information -- and if we need to update the client, it's a quick click or two to update their information in Highrise.
  • It feels more personal - As previously mentioned, HelpScout integrates seamlessly with our team's existing email habits, making it easier for us to provide a more personal level of service.

Over the last two weeks, we have been running HelpScout in tandem with Zendesk to make sure we've got all the bugs worked out and are now ready to switch to HelpScout full-time.

What does this switch mean for you?

You shouldn't have to do anything differently to get help from the support team. As before, you simply email or call 888-333-3731 and select the support option, and our team will provide you with the support you need.

If you saved an email address for the old support system, be sure to send any new support requests to and update any reference to an old email address. In an effort to make your life easier, you can download our support department's vCard and add it to your address book.

We're working hard to improve our customer service and will continue to make changes like this to ensure that we are always there to help each of our customers.

Written by Sam Howat on March 20th, 2014

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