Announcing FlexSite Shop

A new way for presenting your online shops to your patients using your FlexSite.

FlexSite has always supported our customers who have online shops for their contact re-ordering. Many times, customers have other shops they wish to use instead, and we’ve been able to accommodate that with our “Shop” button on FlexSites as well. However, we’ve noted a surge in requests for multiple online shops for a single site in recent weeks, which was not handled natively by FlexSite.

This week, however, we have released a solution to accommodate these requests and to provide a better experience for practices seeking to highlight their online frame stores.

What does the new FlexSite Shop do?

This new feature creates a single page on your website where your patients can come and access your online stores. This setup has been configured to work well with:

  • Frame Dream
  • Online contact reordering websites (e.g. ABB Optical)
  • Any other online store link, including ones you may create at Shopify or another ecommerce site

We also created an online form that patients can complete for help with their online order. This is an example used by Martin Eye Associates.

Can you support more than one store?

Yes. There is no technical limit, but we do not suggest more than six store options.

Do you have any examples?


How is this different from what Avelient had available in FlexSite previously?

Previously, FlexSite could only link to a single store using the “Shop” button that was available natively on the website.

Can I still use the original functionality if I only have one store?

Yes. Linking to a single online ecommerce store is still available and is free with your FlexSite.

Is there a fee?

Yes. Setting up the page and associated form does take some time for us to build. The fees are as follows:

  • Standard website package: $120
  • Plus package: $60
  • Pro package: Free

Contact our sales department if you're eligible for a discount and we can help you out!

How do I sign up?

If you're a standard package, fill in this simple form and let us know which links you need us to set up. If you're eligible for a discount, contact our sales department and we'll get you a link to take advantage of your discount.

Avelient can help

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We hope you stay safe and we will continue to provide insight into what we’re seeing on the front lines in this ever-changing situation.